Initial Palm T|X Thoughts - Thumbs Up!

I purchased the T|X at the local Boston Palm store on the release date, and after performing my initial test routine for all pda's, I am impressed!

The T|X looks identical to the T5, except for the black vs. grey color. The T|X has a nice solid feel and good build quality. Since it is the same size as the T5, I am using the T5 cradle and case with the T|X. It is nice not to have to buy new accessories just because you purchased a new device. It felt really good when I selected Info from the App menu for the first time, and saw 101 M free (picture shows 96M, it was taken after loading test apps). It did not take long to use most of the available space on the T3, the extra 40+ Mb will be well used.
The new Media application is very impressive. I took a SD card for a 5 megapixel camera, inserted it in the T|X, and thumbnails of all 40 pictures on the card were displayed. After selecting the slideshow icon, a "Please Wait" message was displayed for 3 seconds, and a full screen slide show began with no pauses in between pictures. The pictures were rendered accurately with rich colors. Considering the pictures were all fine quality 5 megapixel images which ranged in size from 1.5 MB to over 3 MB, the results were better than expected.

I will publish a more thorough review after spending some time using the device in my daily routine. My initial impression is very positive, hopefully the daily use impression will be as positive.

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