Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube Examples

Paint Shop Pro Tube using pictures from Washington DC

This picture tube uses selections from pictures I took during a trip over the recent Easter holidays to Washington, DC. I used the circle selection tool to obtain the desired selections from the pictures I took with a digital camera. The picture tube consists of 7 images: Lincoln Statue in the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, Dome from the US Capitol Building, Supreme Court, White House, and Kennedy Center. The Washington Monument and Kennedy Center pictures were taken from the plane after takeoff from Washington National Airport. Each of the 7 images in the tube has a white background. The triangle selection tool was used, then the selection was inverted. A Gaussian Blur of 2.00 was added to the inverted selection, which left a clear triangle in the middle of the image.

Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube using transparent background

This image was created using a picture tube which contained the same 7 images as the previous example; however, for this picture tube, the backgrounds of the images were transparent. Four small square selections were made and then inverted before a Gaussian Blur of 2.00 was added. The result is four clear squares in the image with the remainder of the image blurred.

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