Spring Water

I have certainly changed my mind about spring water. Before starting my behavior modification, I only used spring water for tea, hot chocolate, ice cubes and cooking. Occasionally, I would have a small glass of spring water when I came home, but usually I would have a diet soda or juice. Since spring water was almost as expensive as diet soda and I didn't realize the benefits of spring water, I would always opt for the diet soda.

Since starting my behavior modification, I have at least one liter (usually close to 2 liters) of spring water at night instead of a snack and diet soda. When I am out on a hot summer day taking a walk along the Esplanade in Boston or Memorial Drive near Harvard Square, I always bring a Poland Spring water with me. In the past, I would have always brought a diet soda.

We have had Poland Springs water delivered to the house for over 12 years. As indicated above, we only used the spring water for tea, hot chocolate, ice cubes and cooking. We would use one or two bottles (3 gallons each) a month. Now, I use three to five bottles (3 gallons each) a month and use a lot less diet soda.

A cold glass of Poland Spring water is very refreshing and is my beverage of choice when I am thirsty. I am sure my increase in water consumption, along with the decrease in other beverages, has helped in my weight loss.

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