Weight Loss - Summer Vacation 1999

Before I went on vacation August 18, 1999, I had lost 70 pounds. My weight loss before summer vacation exceeded my expectations. I was 14 pounds lighter than my goal when I left for summer vacation on August 18, 1999. My goal was to drop 2 pounds a week; my actual average weekly loss before summer vacation was 2.5 pounds.

I was on vacation from August 18 until September 6, 1999 and wanted to keep my vacation weight gain to 5 pounds. Unfortunately, I gained 9 pounds during my vacation. Although I had hoped to keep my weight gain during my 3 week vacation to 5 pounds, a gain of 9 is understandable considering that all meals are eaten in restaurants and you tend to eat more "forbidden" foods on vacation. It took me until November 5 (two months), but I finally lost the 9 pounds that I gained while on vacation.

Weight Plateau - Sept to Nov, 1999

My weight had plateaued at 2 to 4 pounds above pre-summer vacation weight for about 5 weeks; however, I still had lost 5 to 7 pounds of the weight I gained on summer vacation. I had not reverted to "old habits"; otherwise, I would have consistently gained more weight since I returned from summer vacation, not lost 5 to 7 pounds. I was following most of the pre-summer vacation behavior modifications; however, I was not as "faithful" in following all my changes as I was before summer vacation. I would have an occasional ice cream and snack that I would not have had before summer vacation. As indicated in the preceding paragraph, I finally did loose the 9 pound summer vacation weight gain (but it took until November 5, 1999). Unfortunately, I only lost 1 additional pound from November 5, 1999 to December 22, 1999, the date I left for winter vacation. I was only 1 pound lighter when I left for my winter vacation than I was when I left for my summer vacation.

Winter Vacation - 1999

I gained 16 pounds on my winter vacation, about 9 pounds more than I expected. I was disappointed, but not devastated. I enjoy myself on vacation and eating and drinking what I want is part of an enjoyable vacation. I went to Montreal during my winter vacation and enjoyed it very much. Click here for info on Christmas in Montreal. I spent a lot of time indoors due to the abnormally cold weather and obviously, I spent too much of that time eating. I do intend to spend next Christmas in Montreal as well; however, I hope to minimize the weight gain while I am in Montreal next winter.

Weight Plateau - January to July, 2000

Between December, 1999 and July, 2000, my weight plateaued between a total loss of 52 to 71 pounds. Although I am happy that I had not gained any significant weight before my summer 2000 vacation, I was somewhat disappointed that I had not lost any substantial weight since returning from winter vacation in January, 2000. I know the reasons: I am snacking more, having more desserts, and eating bigger portions. I have to refocus and get "back in the groove" that resulted in loosing 14 pounds more that my goal between February and August, 1999.

Summer Vacation - August, 2000

During August 2000, I was on a mini-vacation to Cape Cod (5 days) and a long vacation (3 ½ weeks) to Quebec City, Montreal, Lake George, and Eastover. I am very fortunate that I was able to vacation so extensively; however, I did gain a total of 16 pounds (3 at Cape Cod and 13 on the 3 ½ week vacation). The gain was expected, although certainly not desired. At the conclusion of my summer vacations, I was only 39 pounds lighter than I was on February 1, 1999 and had gained 31 pounds between August 18, 1999 and September 4, 2000. Of course, I am very disappointed with the gain and must immediately refocus and resume loosing an average of 2 pounds a week until I reach my goal of loosing a total of 100 pounds. I was not successful and gained some weight during the fall of 2000 rather than loosing weight.

Winter/Spring Vacation - 2000/2001

I went to Miami Beach over the Christmas and New Year's holidays and had a great time for 12 days; however, I gained 7 pounds. I had hoped to start loosing weight when I returned on January 2, 2001, but I gained weight instead.

For my birthday at the end of April 2001, I went to Washington DC for a week and gained another 6 pounds. I have to refocus and get back on track unless I want to gain back all of the remaining weight I lost during 1999 that I have not already gained back.


I will not let the vacation lapses keep me from meeting my goal of loosing a total of 100 pounds. Instead of "giving up" because of the vacation weight gains, I will try to utilize the vacation weight gains as incentives to "get back on track" and, hopefully, learn from the eating related mistakes I made on the vacations. My goal is to immediately (May 1, 2001) resume loosing 1 ½ pounds a week and reach my long term goal of loosing a total of 100 pounds by the end of 2001.

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