My favorite Palm OS Llinks are:

Palm, Inc.
Palm, Inc's. web site. Find the latest information about new Palm products, obtain tech support, and/or visit the on-line store. Nice site.
Boston PDA Users Group
The Boston PDA Users Group meets twice a month in Room 3-133 at MIT. The meeting for Users is the second Tuesday of the month; the meeting for Developers is the fourth Tuesday of the month. Both meetings start at 7:00 P.M. The group encompasses PDA's other than the Palm; however, a large number of the meeting attendees have substantial experience with the Palm PDA. Ed Keyes, the developer of HackMaster, usually attends both meetings.
New England Palm Users Group
The New England Palm Users Group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. Meetings are at the IBM office in Waltham, MA., the main branch (Copley Square) of the Boston Public Library, or at MIT in Cambridge, MA. Check the NEPUG web site for the location of the next meeting. The group is dedicated to the Palm PDA and the meeting topics are germane to the Palm User.
PalmPilot Gear H.Q.
The PalmPilot Gear HQ site uses the slogan "The one stop source for yourPalmPilot Organizer". In my opinion, this description is right on target. The site features an abundance of software, accessories, and hardware. A Palm Users "Paradise"!
An excellent site for the latest information about Palm OS products and obtaining answers to Palm related questions. This moderated site is a central location for Palm users to post the latest facts, opinions, rumors and helpful hints about Palm OS devices. If you want to know the latest information about the Palm OS world, try PalmStation.Com.
ZDNet Site for PalmPilot Software
The ZDNet Site for PalmPilot Software has an extensive selection of software for the Palm PDA. Like all ZDNet sites, the PalmPilot Software site is a quality site, with a good selection of software and related Palm information.
Handspring Visor Site
Handspring's home site for the Visor. Check this page often to see what is new in the Visor world. Nice site.
Visor Central Site
Nice independent site dedicated to Visor information. Good source for information about Springboard modules in development. Check this page often.

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