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"jimtravis.com", the personal site of Jim Travis from South Boston, Massachusetts (USA), came on-line March 30, 1998. I started this site to prototype the Deer Island Training Department Intranet pages that I was developing. The web servers at Deer Island were not set-up and I needed a web server to prototype the pages. After the prototype pages were completed and the Deer Island Intranet web servers went on-line, I decided to continue the site as a personal site. Please sign my guestbook.

New/Updated Pages

About Me
Info on my hobbies, places I have lived, cars I have owned, my age, computers used, PDA's used, and my family, etc.

Sail Boston 2000 (Tall Ships)
Thumbnail pictures of the larger tall ships and the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy taken during Sail Boston 2000 on July 11, 2000. The thumbnails are linked to a full sized picture. The thumbnails are small; however, the full pictures average 150KB.

My Resume
This resume focuses on my project management and computer skills.

Loftus Genealogy
My mother's maiden name was Mary J. Loftus. One of my mom's cousins, John Vincent Loftus, has collected an impressive amount of information on the Loftus family. I am proud to include John's information on this site. Thanks John.

Palm OS PDA's
I now use Windows Mobile devices exclusively. I am keeping my old Palm OS postings because they may be of interest to current Palm OS device users. My former favorite Palm OS PDA's were the Sony Clie TH55, Sony Clie UX50, Palm Tungsten T3, Palm Tungsten C, and Palm T|X. My least favorite Palm OS device was the Palm Tungsten T5. This link includes what I liked and didn't like about the Palm OS PDA's, hardware/accessories I have purchased, third party software I have used, and my favorite Palm OS links.

My Weight Loss
On February 1, 1999, I started a major eating behavior modification and lost 70 pounds. Unfortunately, I regained all the weight I lost along with a 33 pound bonus by March 15,  2008. I have wanted to loose a significant amount of weight again, but prior to March 15, 2008, I have not been successful. Follow this link for more info on how successful or unsuccessful I have been in loosing 100+ pounds since March 15, 2008.

Montréal Vacations
For the last thirteen summers (1994 - 2006) and for Christmas, 1999, I vacationed in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The reasons I vacation so frequently in Montréal are included in this page.

Paint Shop Pro Examples
I use Paint Shop Pro to create the graphics for this website and to adjust photographs, both digital and scanned-in prints. This page contains: how to lighten a picture taken at dusk, sample blending of two pictures into one, Washington D.C. picture tubes, and a Tall Ships (Boston) picture tube.



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