I intended to start a weight reduction program many times in my life, probably more than 1000 times (each Monday, first day of each month, etc.). On several occasions, I had success; however, the successes were only temporary. I eventually gained back all the weight I lost, plus some extra pounds. On February 1, 1999, I kept my usual Monday morning intention and actually started an eating behavior modification. Click here for more history.

Before you start any change in eating behavior, consult your doctor and discuss your plans with your doctor.

There are many "diet" plans on the market today; however, I chose not to follow any particular plan. I did not want to take any medication and I wanted to eat the food I like, just less of it. In my opinion, the problem with taking non-prescription medication, or following a particular "diet" is that eventually you will stop taking the non-prescription medication and/or get tired of depriving yourself of food you like. When you stop the medication or start eating all foods again, you will gain the weight back along with some extra pounds as well. I wanted to follow a process that I could live with the rest of my life and would result in weight loss. Of course, if a doctor advises you to take a medication and/or follow a certain plan, please follow your doctor's instructions.

Following are the items I have implemented to loose my weight: None of the above items are new or revolutionary; the items are common sense and you have probably read about them (or something similar) many times. So far, implementing the items above have resulted in a major weight losses for me.

I do not feel deprived and still eat most of the foods I like. I really do not feel hungry at all during the day. I did have a snack (low fat, or no fat pretzels) between breakfast and lunch each workday (1999 only). In 2009, I am retired, and have no in-between meal snacks. On both Saturday and Sunday, while I am in downtown Boston, I ate in a fine restaurant and have whatever I feel like from the menu. The only compromise is that I usually do not have a dessert (1999 only). In 2009 / 2010 / 2011, I eat in restaurants 7 days a weeks since I am retired.

Since the summer of 1999, and again in 2010 / 2011, I have received many compliments from people on my weight loss. With the warmer weather and no bulky winter clothes, the weight loss was really noticeable. I thank the people for noticing and their compliments make me feel good. The compliments also add to my incentive to loose more weight.

If you are embarking on a weight loss program, good luck.

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