Paint Shop Pro Adjustments To Dark Picture

Picture of Old Montreal - before correctionsPicture of Old Montreal - after corrections
Before CorrectionsAfter Corrections

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This picture was taken during my first experience with the digital camera and I had not yet discovered the way to manually adjust the aperture. The picture was taken near dusk and there were distinct dark shadows. Overall the source picture of Old Montreal was dark, except for the sky.

The first adjustment was to set unlinked gamma to red 1.80, green 1.60, and blue 1.60. I wanted to highlight the red canopies on the left, the red street sign, and the red side of the building in the background. I then did a brightness and contrast change, brightness to 15 and contrast to 23. Next the hue was set to 100, the saturation to 50, and lightness to 0. The picture is still relatively dark; however, any additional increases to the brightness or gamma washed out the bright parts of the picture. The picture is greatly improved from the original. The red canopies, street sign, and side of the building have the desired degree of red without adversely impacting the remainder of the picture.

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