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In 1999, I lost 70 pounds. By November 29, 2009 I had gained back the 70 pounds I lost in 1999 along with a 55 pound bonus. Most of my major weight losses have been in years ending in 9. I hope to repeat this history of successful weight losses during 2009 / 2010. I am determined to loose 10+ pounds by the end of 2009, and an additional 140 pounds or so by the end of 2011.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Lost another 3 pounds for a total of 47 pounds lost since November 29, 2009. I lost 10 pounds during the month of March which is satisfactory for my goal of a continuous, "no starving" weight loss. I realize that my no in-between meal snacks, no desserts, no popcorn / candy at movies, and an evening snack limited to an apple may have delivered most of the weight loss those changes alone can deliver. I will have to make more changes to ensure my weight loss continues. I don't want to loose the momentum this 47 pound loss has given me, and will make the additional eating behavior modifications necessary to continue the weight loss until I reach my goal of loosing a minimum of another 100 pounds.

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Monday, March 15, 2010
I am surprised that I lost another 7 pounds between March 1, and March 15, 2010 for a total of 44 pounds since November 29, 2009. Since I only lost 5 pounds in February, I thought I was plateauing, and would have to implement additional changes to keep loosing substantial weight. I am still just eliminating in-between meal snacks, popcorn / candy at movies, desserts, and limiting the evening snacks to an apple. Surprisingly, 7 pounds were shed the first 15 days of March. I hope it continues, but if I need to implement additional changes, I will because I am determined to loose the excess weight once and for all. Even more important, when the weight is gone, I am determined I will keep it off this time.

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Friday, March 05, 2010
Today, I am 41 pounds lighter than when I started my weight loss on November 29, 2009. This is the first time I hit, or exceeded the 40 pound weight loss mark in this current weight reduction. I am very happy to have reached this milestone, but realize I have a long way to go. I also realize I could have a temporary fluid gain and be under the 40 pound mark tomorrow.

Overall, I am very pleased, but will remain focused on loosing about 110 pounds more.

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