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In 1999, I lost 70 pounds. By November 29, 2009 I had gained back the 70 pounds I lost in 1999 along with a 55 pound bonus. Most of my major weight losses have been in years ending in 9. I hope to repeat this history of successful weight losses during 2009 / 2010. I am determined to loose 10+ pounds by the end of 2009, and an additional 140 pounds or so by the end of 2011.

Thursday, December 31, 2009
I have lost 22 pounds since November 29, 2009. Although ecstatic about the loss, I realize this is just a start, and I still have major weight to loose.

I have had no desserts, no in-between meal snacks, and no snacks at the movies. My evening snack is limited to one apple which is significantly less than I used to inhale in the evening while watching TV, and / or using the computer.

On December 31, 2009, I was only 1 pound heavier than on December 31 last year. Although disappointed that I did not loose major weight during all of 2009, I am very pleased about loosing 22 pounds in the last 33 days of the year.

Now I have to maintain focus, and continue a steady, consistent weight loss. I will be happy with an additional loss of 100 pounds in 2010, and 40 pounds or so in 2011.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009
As you know from earlier posts, I set a record for my highest weight ever on November 29, 2009. I was determined that day to start loosing significant weight. I have lost 15 pounds between November 29 and December 15. I still eat a big combo lunch / dinner each day; however, I have eliminated desserts, in between meal snacks, solid snacks at movies, and limited my evening snack to an apple. I know I will not continue to loose close to a pound a day, but it is a good start. I have to loose significant weight, and this 15 pound loss is just the tip of the iceberg.

I also feel very good because it has been more than two weeks, and I am still following my eating behavior modifications. I have failed so many times in the past within a week so this two week+ success is encouraging.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
I have lost 13 pounds since November 29, and 10 pounds in the last week. On November 29, 2009, I recorded my highest weight ever. I was determined to loose 140+ pounds after setting that record, and did cut back a little for the first few days. I started major modifications on December 1. In the last week, I have eliminated desserts, only had an Apple for evening snack, no solid snacks at the movies, and no snacks between meals. I am still having a major meal for a combo lunch / dinner.

I know I will not loose 10 pounds each week (and would not want to), and realize much of this initial weight loss was excess fluid. Still, I am very pleased with my start, and this major first week loss will hopefully give me momentum for continuing the weight loss albeit at a slower pace.

I am particularly satisfied because the vast majority of my weight loss failures occurrred within a week of starting. No guarantee I will be successful, but it is a good start.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009
During the last week of November, 2009, I set new records for my weight. Today, December 1, I am a few pounds less than those records, but at my current weight, a few pounds is within the normal daily fluid gain/loss range. For all intents, and purposes, I am at my maximum weight today. This is certainly not a new record I am proud of attaining. How much more? When I left for vacation in the summer of 1999, I basically ended my weight loss that had resulted in a loss of 70 pounds between Feb 1, and mid-August of that year. I am embarrassed to say that I weigh 122 pounds more on December 1, 2009 (125 more pounds on November 29) than I did on August 18, 1999, the day I left for vacation. I absolutely, positively have to loose substantial weight both for my overall health, and quality of life.

I have to learn to say "no, thank you" much more frequently. "No, thank you" to desserts, second helpings, high calorie / cholesterol foods, and in between meal snacks. I know it will not be easy, but I have done it before. Since I am an old bachelor, I eat just about all my meals out. Cooking for one with the clean-up etc. just is not worth it. I did not have a dessert tonight, and I have to ensure no desserts becomes the trend, and not the exception. Another area that I have to watch is the evening snacks. While on the computer, and / or watching TV at night, I tend to eat too many snacks. I will try to limit my evening snack to an apple. I love to walk, and will continue to walk for both enjoyment, and exercise. Of course, my weight gain has lessened the distance I walk, but as I loose weight, I should be able to lengthen that distance again.

When I was in town for Thanksgiving dinner, I vowed to myself that I will weigh at least 100 pounds less by Thanksgiving 2010. My overall goal is to loose about 150 pounds by the end of 2011, and keep the weight off once I loose it.

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