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Sunday, August 30, 2009
  Samsung Mondi - initial impression - fantastic

The last thing I needed was another mobile device. When the Mondi was announced, I just could not resist. A 4.3" 800 X 480 screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, WM6.1, sliding physical keyboard. and built-in GPS. No wonder, the credit card leaped out of my wallet when I was able to locate the Mondi in the US. I am a big fan of WM devices, and the Mondi specs indicated it would be one of the best. I just received the Mondi yesterday, and I am very impressed. I will update this brief review after I have more hands-on time with the Mondi.

The tone of my remarks demonstrates how impressed I am with this device. I know it is now fashionable to mock WM, but for my needs, it is the best mobile OS available. I have found WM to be very stable, reliable, "just works", with a plethora of business type applications that meet my needs.
I was a Palm OS champion for years, but switched to the Windows Mobile platform in 2005. My experiences using my Windows Mobile devices, and other electronic devices will be detailed in this blog. The posts reflect what I like, and do not like about a device, or application. Your needs, and opinion may be different.

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