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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
  700w keys a little bit too small for my fingers

I like the qwerty keyboad on the 700w overall, but the keys are a bit too small for my fingers when typing fast. I have been typing for over 40 years, and know the keyboard layout very well. I notice that when I type fast on the 700w, my fingers hit the correct keys, but also occasionally overlap onto the adjoining keys. Sometimes the adjoining key is displayed in the document instead of, or in addition to the desired key. The first key touched by my finger was the correct key, but due to the relatively small key size, my finger hit the edge of the adjoining key. If I slow down my typing speed to concentrate on hitting the desired key exactly in the center so the adjoining key won't be accidentally depressed also, everything is fine.

It would be nice if the keys were a bit larger, but that would probably negatively impact the form factor. The best PDA/Smartphone keyboard I ever used was on a Sony Clie UX50. The keys were larger enough to allow me to type fast without any concern for depressing the adjoining key as well.

Saturday, September 02, 2006
  Miss my Treo 700w while on vacation in Canada

I am visiting Quebec City, and Montreal which are two of my favorite cities. If I used my Treo 700w, I would incur an extensive network surcharge. I shut the Treo off on Aug. 16, the day I arrived, and will not turn it on again until I leave Canada Sept. 8 for the car show in Lake George, NY. As soon as I cross the US border, the Treo will be on again.

I miss being able to check my email several times per day while out, and/or check a movie time, or Montreal attraction information while out for the day. I do have my MacBook Pro with me, and free internet access at the hotel. I check my mail, etc. before I go out, and when I return; however, it is not the same as being able to check while out for the day.

I brought my iPAQ 4155 with me as well. I update my databases etc. while on the road, and am using the iPAQ for accessing the net via Wi-Fi. The hotel has free internet access, but it is wired. I always bring my Airport Express so I can change the wired access to wireless access. With the wireless access, I can use the iPAQ 4155 for quickly checking email, or a movie time. In addition, the wireless allow me to use the MacBook Pro anywhere in the room, and not just within the length of the available ethernet cable. If the Treo 700w had built-in Wi-Fi, I could have left the iPAQ at home, but as we all know, there is no built-in Wi-Fi on the Treo 700w, much to my chagrin. I have the Palm SD Wi-FI card, and the drivers are included with the Treo 700w, but it is just too kludgey (is there such a word) to use for my taste.

Again, there have not been any recent posts on this blog because the Treo 700w has been operatiing without any problems. Still wish it had more memory though!
I was a Palm OS champion for years, but switched to the Windows Mobile platform in 2005. My experiences using my Windows Mobile devices, and other electronic devices will be detailed in this blog. The posts reflect what I like, and do not like about a device, or application. Your needs, and opinion may be different.

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