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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
  Six Month Report - Still Like the Treo 700w

I have owned the Treo 700w for a little over 6 months. Overall, I still like the device, and am happy I purchased it. I still use the 700w more for data than for voice. The EvDO connection is fantastic; broadband speeds on a cell phone are great. The lack of posts on this blog demonstrates that the 700w has been relatively problem free.

There are two items that keep me from rating the 700w as fantastic. The first is the lack of physical memory. After a soft reset, only 13 to 14 MB of program memory are available to the user. Combine this dearth of physical memory with the 5 MB threshold when the operating system starts closing open applications, and you have a crippled multi-tasking situation. One of the benefits of Windows Mobile over Palm OS is the Windows Mobile multi-tasking capability. Sometimes, only 1 application can be open simultaneously because the system closes the prior app because you are near the 5 MB threshold. This is a shortcoming compared to the multiple apps I have been able to have running simultaneously on other Windows Mobile devices with more physical memory.

The lack of built-in Wi-Fi is the second important feature missing from the 700w. Many have stated that with EvDO you do not need Wi-Fi. I disagree. As good as EvDO is, there are locations where EvDO is not available, and you have no signal, or the much slower 1X speed which may be available when EvDO is not. In addition, I store many files on NAS drives on my home network. The easiest way to access these files is via Wi-Fi. The 700w does have support for the Palm SD Wi-Fi card built-in, but it does take some time to use the card, and you do loose access to the info on the SD memory card.

Pocket IE has a tendency to store too many cached files which use a substantial amount of storage memory. On a regular basis, delete the files under Tools>Options. This will free up a substantial amount of your storage memory which may be needed to store other applications/data.

If the Treo 700w had at least double the existing memory for program execution, and built-in Wi-Fi, I would absolutely love the Treo 700w.
I was a Palm OS champion for years, but switched to the Windows Mobile platform in 2005. My experiences using my Windows Mobile devices, and other electronic devices will be detailed in this blog. The posts reflect what I like, and do not like about a device, or application. Your needs, and opinion may be different.

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